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The Security Industry Webinar will bring together technology, property security and risk management experts to discuss how changes in technology can change customer expectations – security need no longer be a grudge purchase.

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Our expert panel includes:
  • Peter picture

    Peter Manolescue
    Global Business Development Manager - Security

  • Simon picture

    Simon Banks
    Group Managing Director
    CSL Dualcom

  • Peter picture

    Peter Houlis
    Managing Director
    2020 Vision Technology

  • Alan picture

    Alan Blake
    Marketing and Sales Director

Chaired by:
Lindley Gooden
former presenter
BBC, Sky and ITV

Lindley Gooden picture
Topics to be discussed:
  • Enabling a step change in CCTV, alarm systems and asset tracking: how can M2M help businesses?
  • Are demands for flexible, scalable and mobile security systems realistic?
  • How can smartphone technology be integrated into a security system?
  • What’s in it for businesses? Making devices active, intelligent, tamper-resistant and cost effective
  • Managing assets on the move: extending coverage beyond the perimeter
  • Joining “the cloud”: the implications for integrating systems across sites and setting up new offices
  • The end of analogue and the IP surveillance revolution: keeping installers and clients on side
  • Ending the grudge purchase mentality: reducing costs and demonstrating value to clients
  • What role do insurers and risk managers play? How can they be more proactive?
  • Value added security systems: oxymoron or opportunity?
  • Intelligent buildings? Developing multi-purpose systems to integrate security, energy and people management